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What Other's Are Saying About Us

Daniel Atchley (SVP Sales Amptek Growth) "Doubled Sales Organization Production" 

Rae Greenip (Chief Experience Officer)

Sameer is well-versed in the start-up and tech space. He has alot of insight to offer on how to build the bones of a successful young company.

Kashif's Khurshid (Marketing Leader)

Sameer is a modern day Marketing Executive who has lived the operations of both online and offline channels thus can relate and navigate his team to build successful marketing solutions more rapidly. He has tremendous expertise with B2B pipeline marketing & lead funnel management and isn't afraid to battle out the merits of his findings. But perhaps his biggest strength is the ability to explain the most difficult concepts with ease and fluidity that can win the hearts and minds of leadership. to sum up his expertise, Sameer has been there at every level and that experience can take any organization to the top.

Jake Baadsgaard (CEO and Founder - Disruptive Advertising)

If you get the chance to develop a relationship with Sameer consider yourself lucky. Sameer treats people with respect, listens, and knows how to sift through all the noise and focus on what really matters in life and business. Independent of our working relationship I know that Sameer will be a great friend, resource, and mentor to me and anyone else lucky enough to work with him.

Daniel Atchley (SVP of Sales)

Sameer is extremely knowledgeable and professional in what he does. It has been amazing where I have come professionally and personally in just a few months because of him. His insight has helped me grow within my company and become so much more productive. So excited to continue working with Sameer to help meet my goals.
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About Sameer
I'm an executive and business coach, leader, keynote speaker, author and entrepreneur with 20 years of professional experience across various Fortune 100 and Inc. listed organizations.
This is my business and executive coaching platform built to helps leaders multiply their organizations performance and deliver sustained business results through increasing workforce engagement, intelligence and diversification. We have coached executives from, ExxonMobil, IBM,, Rakspace, TrueValue, AlertLogic, British Gas and many more organizations. My personal goal is to reach 10,000,000 professionals and help them raise their professional consciousness.
Coaching Packages
Course correct your business and uncover quick profit opportunities
3-Hours Program
  •  In-depth SWOT, Needs and Gap Analysis
  • Business Performance Improvement Discussions and QA
  • Detailed Actions & Recommendations Report
  • Bonus: COVID-19 Business Strategy Call
fast track
90 days business & Leadership growth and profitability
3 Months Program
  • Starter Package PLUS...
  • 6 Rapid Results Coaching Sessions
  • Goal Setting and Gap Analysis
  • Identify and Overcome Roadblocks
  • Develop & Execute 90 Day Action Plan
12 months of continuous business and leadership acceleration
12 Months Program
  • Fast Track Package PLUS...
  • 24  High Performance Coaching Sessions
  • Crush Your Business & Personal Goals
  • 5 Steps to Massive Results Program Execution
  • Leadership Mastery

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The CASH FLOW Checklist Distills my 18-Years of Fortune 100, INC 500 and Small Business Business Growth and Efficiency experience Into Simple Steps
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