20 Signs that Show You are a High Potential Employee

A high potential employee is one who has a lot of potential and is of a high value to their organization. These employees are the driving force behind the company, are well-respected and often rise quickly within the ranks. If you want to know whether you’re considered a high potential employee or would like to be one, there are certain things that you must exhibit. Here are 20 signs that show you are a high potential employee:

1) Leadership Skills: All high potential employees exhibit great leadership skills and are natural leaders. They also jump at opportunities to act as leaders within their workspace. They do whatever they can to develop their skills to their full potential.

2) Excellent performers: These employees are also excellent at what they do, perhaps the best in their office. They will do what needs to be done. Their work is of excellent quality and their performance is consistent.

3) Incorporate Feedback: High Potential employees take feedback seriously and do their best to incorporate it into their work. They don’t take feedback as a criticism and their main aim is to improve their performance through it. In fact, they actively seek feedback to know what they did well and what needs to be done.

4)Taking Initiative: High potential employees don’t need detailed direction, they are known for taking initiative getting things done on their own. If they have a good idea, chances are rather than taking it to a senior and expecting them to do something about it, they will take action themselves.

5) Constant Skill Development: They never become complacent and are always looking to add more skills to their resume. They constantly work towards developing new skills that will help them in their career.

6) Handling Pressure: They will never succumb to pressure. No matter how high the stakes are or how soon the deadline is, a high potential employee will get the work done. This doesn’t mean they won’t feel the pressure; it’s just that they won’t let it get to them.

7) Helpful: High potential employees are always helpful to their peers as well as their seniors. While most employees may be reluctant to help their colleagues, a high potential employee will not hesitate before jumping in to help.

8) Work Alone: They can handle projects and their work even without someone helping them and can be trusted to submit great quality work. They are skilled enough to do what the project requires.

9) Team Workers: A high potential employees can work in teams. They gel well with others and are great team players. They bring a valuable set of skills to the table.

10) Questioning: A high potential employee is never a yes man or a yes woman. If something strikes them as odd or if they have inhibitions about something, they will question it. They also make sure they understand the reasons behind doing what’s required of them.

11) Trustworthy: They are trusted by their colleagues and the senior management. This can be professionally and personally. This speaks volumes about their character and their behavior.

12) Decision Making: They can be trusted to make decisions if the situation arises. They take all factors into account and don’t hesitate before making a decision. This is a valuable skill to have in a high-pressure situation. They can also act on their decisions without hesitation.

13) Supervisor: High potential employees can be trusted to be fair supervisors. They don’t let their personal feelings or prejudices come in the way of doing what they have to or influence their decisions and their behavior.

14) Challenging Work: One key sign of such employees is that they actively seek out challenging roles and projects. They do this to gain more practical experience as well as develop new skills.

15) Easy-Going Personality: As we have mentioned, high potential employees are well-trusted and well-liked, this is because of their professionalism and their personality. They make be perfectionists but they get along with most of their co-workers. This may also work to their advantage while working with people from outside the organization.

16) Interest in the Company: Rather than paying attention just to themselves, they are also interested in the bigger picture. They like knowing about the company’s goals and visions and how they can involve themselves in its inner workings.

17) Open Minded: High potential employees are open-minded and flexible. They are open to suggestions and ideas from others. If they are wrong, they don’t take offense to being told as much. Rather, they look to fix their mistakes.

18) Embody organizational values: They are embodiment the values and the culture of the organization.  They exhibit them in their performance regularly.

19) Aspirations: High potential employees have aspirations and they know exactly what they want from their jobs. They also take the help of their superiors to receive opportunities that help them achieve these aspirations.

20) Emotional Intelligence: These employees are known for their emotional intelligence and it helps them move forward. This also helps them in building relationships with their peers as well as customers. It is what causes them to be likeable and trusted as it makes them approachable.

High Potential employees are the most sought-after group of professionals as they are trustworthy, dedicated and intelligent. If you meet most of these characteristics, it means you are a part of this group of people. If you don’t embody some of these characteristic but want to, you can work towards improving your performance in your office and becoming a high potential employee.

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