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Reviews of My Past And Current Clients...

Zuhrie - Finance Executive

Sameer accelerated my career by taking me under his wings. Sameer continually showed his expertise in meetings by illustrating his ideas quickly, clearly and impromptu. Sameer balanced setting high expectations by patiently guiding and pushing us along. I always felt a part of the process. Measuring marketing effectiveness can be complicated – he mastered it.
I highly recommend him for any revenue analytics leadership positions.

Vivienne - Technology Executive

Sameer is an amazing mentor who is professional, patient and passionate about this training program. Sameer set up clear agenda in each training session, covered various topics, and provided constructive feedback based on the trainee’s challenge and weakness. He is a good listener and understands the communication is a two-way street. Thus, he always focuses on where the trainee wants to improve and further provide practical suggestions.

Additionally, Sameer knows exactly the right way to motivate the trainee. Sometimes, he shared his personal experience to help the trainee understands the importance of practice in the daily work and life. The good example he had shared on how he improved the English accent when he first came to the United States was extremely useful. With Sameer’s mentor, I see myself improving in many different aspects: communication, decision making, and emotional intelligence, etc.. Now, I’m more confident when communicate with managers, peers, direct reports. Overall, I would highly recommend Sameer as a career coach.

Rich  - Technology Executive

When I joined IBM in a product marketing role, I was lucky enough to have Sameer as my team lead.  As team lead, he always took the time to help and coach his teammates, giving strong advice and direction regarding career and skill development, while openly sharing his analytics expertise and background. 

He worked hard to raise the level of the whole team and I saw first hand what a strong leader he is. I highly recommend Sameer for leadership roles in marketing and analytics (or whatever he puts his mind to) and would love to work with him again in the future.

Jackie - Marketing Executive

Sameer is an incredible asset to any team. While I do not report directly to him, he is a leader within my organization whom I frequently look to for his expertise in the digital marketing space. 

Sameer's set of analytical skills, online marketing expertise and leadership are a driving force within our team. He is also a great pleasure to work with. I'd highly recommend Sameer for any role in online marketing, analytics and/or leadership.

Lisa - Marketing Executive

I was on Sameer's Marketing Ops, Analytics, and Media team as a Global Programs Manager. Sameer's command of analytics, platforms, and marketing is tremendous. What additionally impressed me, however, was how he balanced his data responsibilities with his people responsibilities.
He encouraged us to hone our skills through attending conferences and pursuing certifications and helped identify areas of unfulfilled potential to keep us challenged. I owe a lot of my professional development to Sameer's guidance (and patience) and everything he taught me about how to question/represent/analyze data will be with me for the rest of my career.
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